Biometrics Ltd, UK

Biometrics accelerometer4-large

Precision sensors providing a complete ready to go solution for measurements of acceleration in 3 axes.

There are two model options – the ACL300 (range ± 10G) and the S3-1000G-HA (range ± 1000G).

By simply plugging either accelerometer model into the Biometrics’ Data Acquisition Systems, accelerations may be displayed and analysed in units of G or m/s2

The small lightweight ‘active’ head may be mounted practically anywhere using double sided adhesive tape, or held securely in place using a mechanical clamp for higher loading.

There is no need to calibrate either model as this is done during manufacture. They are ready to go, giving accurate readings for both static and dynamic applications.

The ACL300 will measure both dynamic acceleration (i.e. vibration) and static acceleration (i.e. gravity). It is ideal for multiple research applications as it comes with selectable low pass filter settings standard at 100Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz. Custom units with different combinations of low pass filter settings are available.


ACL300  S3-1000G-HA
Range ± 10G  ± 1000G
Mass 10g  8g
Dimensions 19.0 x 12.7 x 10.9 mm (L x D x H)  14 x 13 x 14 mm
Case Material Anodised aluminium  Titanium alloy
Supply Voltage
+4.50 to +5.50 Vdc  +4.50 to +5.50 Vdc
± 100mV / G ± 1mV / G
Cross Talk
< 5% < 5%
Better than ± 2 % full scale Better than ± 2 % full scale
DC to 100Hz +/- 1dB
DC to 500Hz +/- 1dB
DC to 1000Hz +1dB / – 3dB
DC to 312, 625, 1250, 2500, 5000 Hz
8 pole, 8th order 1.2 Elliptic 8 pole, 8th order 1.2 Elliptic
Shock Survival
500G 5000G