Corival Recumbent rehab

Lode BV, Netherlands

Easy positioning and entrance for all test subjects

The latest design of the Corival Recumbent ergometer offers ergometry testing for test subjects up to 300 kg! Easy positioning and access is guaranteed by the electric adjustable seat and adjustable handgrips next to the seat. Moreover, the back support can be adjusted. For safety reasons, the back support can be positioned flat in CPR position in 1 step. This ergometer can be used for elderly and obese people and in rehabilitation settings. The Corival Recumbent is a special product from our Corival range.It is is standard supplied with a 7″ control unit with touch screen and a bottle holder. Thanks to the built-in network module, the ergometer can be connected to the Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager Software, Lode Rehab Manager or the Lode Ergometry Manager. A USB A-B cable for service purposes only will be standard delivered with the product. To connect LEM or LCRM you need a special interface cable that can be ordered under part number 930930.