Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

CORTEX Biophysik, Germany

CORTEX is a leader in spiroergometry systems and mobile respiratory gas analysis systems. The mobile METAMAX®3B and portable METALYZER®3B systems provide precise and convenient  cardiopulmonary exercise testing of physical fitness and performance.




Designed for outdoor performance diagnostics, the new METAMAX® 3B allows maximum wireless ranges of more than 1,000 m, making spiroergometry measurements extremely independent and flexible. Athletes and subjects can be tested under real training and competition conditions. You get much more significant test results compared to data collected in laboratory environments.

The METAMAX® 3B can be used in nearly every kind of activity due to its low weight and its safe and flexible carrying back or chest-wearing system. This system is designed for use under extreme environment conditions – METAMAX® 3B has frequently been used in expeditions like the Xtreme Everest expedition in the Himalayas, in outer space for research work with astronauts, in very humid regions like the equator, and in dry and hot deserts around the globe.




Portable ergospirometry system for clinics, hospitals and training facilities. The new METALYZER® 3B is a high-resolution ergospirometry system with breath-by-breath technology. The product allows the differentiated performance testing of the lungs, heart and metabolism at rest and under stress. It is possible to connect it to an ECG and it has various hardware and software options, making the METALYZER® 3B particularly variable. Its uses range from a performance diagnostics station to a complete cardiopulmonary system.

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