Data Acquisition Systems

Biometrics Ltd, UK

Portable Data Acquisition

The DataLOG MWX8 is the latest in data acquisition technology developed to meet the needs of researchers for portable data collection and monitoring in human performance, sports science, medical research, industrial ergonomics, gait laboratories, and educational settings.

The small, lightweight, battery operated unit incorporates a color graphics LCD, joystick, micro SD card interface, and a real-time wireless Bluetooth link to a PC.

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Dimensions 104 x 62 x 22 mm
Mass 129 g
Battery Type
2 x Alkaline AA
Battery Life
5-20 hours nominal depending on sensor type and quantity
Analog Channels
Digital Channels
Number of Goniometer Channels
0 to 8, dependent on number of general analog channels (user select)
Number of General Analog Channels
0 to 8, dependent on number of goniometer channels (user select)
Memory Internal
2GB Micro SD card
Bluetooth® Adaptor
Microsoft Bluetooth® stack compatible
Front End ADC
14 bit giving +/- 4000 counts resolution
Recording Mode Record to Bluetooth® and Micro SD card
Record to Micro SD card only
Record to Bluetooth® only
Range of Sampling frequency per analog channel
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1250, 2000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 20000 Hz
(note: Bluetooth is used for monitoring only at the higher sampling rates)



Desktop Data Acquisition

DataLINK is an on-line general purpose subject worn programmable Data Acquisition System allowing the user to collect both analog and digital data from a wide range of sensors including Biometrics’ Goniometers, Torsiometers, active EMG sensors, Accelerometers, Pinchmeters, Hand Dynamometers and Contact Switches. Examples of other general sensor inputs include load cells, strain gauges, potentiometers, temperature probes and flow meters.

DataLINK has been developed for the diverse needs of researchers for laboratory based data collection and analysis in industrial, medical, and educational settings.

  • On Line Data Collection
  • Real Time Data Display
  • 40 KHz Total Sampling Frequency per DataLINK
  • 8, 16, or 24 Analog Channels
  • Audible Threshold Alarms
  • Readily Synchronizes with Other Systems

Sensors connect to a small, lightweight Subject Unit with both programmable instrumentation amplifiers and power supply responsible for energising the sensors, sampling and converting the inputs into a digital output. The data is transferred from the Subject Unit to the tabletop Base Unit via a RS485 data transfer cable. This cable (type no. R7000) is 7 metres in length but may be specified any length up to 20 metres. The Base Unit connects to the PC using a USB port where the data may readily be stored on disk or passed real time into other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Visual Basic using the DLL (dynamic link library). Analog outputs may be obtained using an optional output cable (R2000i) attached to the Base Unit allowing the DataLINK to be interfaced to virtually any analog data recording system.

DataLINK Inputs

DataLINK comes with 8 analog inputs, accommodating both single ended voltage inputs and differential voltage inputs, and with 5 digital inputs, and the DataLINK Management Software.

Each input channel is individually controlled and configured within the versatile and easy to use DataLINK Management Software. Options for the analog inputs include selectable gain, selectable sampling frequency, selectable sensor supply voltage, and selectable zero or threshold level and selectable hysterisis level.

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