DataLOG for Portable Data Acquisition System

Biometrics Ltd, UK

The DataLOG (MWX8) is the latest in data acquisition technology developed to meet the needs of researchers for portable data collection and monitoring in human performance, sports science, medical research, industrial ergonomics, gait laboratories, and educational settings.

The small, lightweight, battery operated unit incorporates a color graphics LCD, joystick, micro SD card interface, and a real-time wireless Bluetooth link to a PC.

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The DataLOG can be worn on the arm or leg in addition to the traditional belt/waist placement. This miniaturized technology is by far the most powerful portable data acquisition device available. During all stages of the design and development process, attention has been given to the Bluetooth® Wireless link, providing real time data transfer and display. In addition, the data is automatically backed up to the Micro SD card providing complete peace of mind.

  • Latest Generation Fully Programmable Portable Data Collection
  • Real Time Data Display and Analysis
  • 8, 16 or 24 Independent Programmable channels
  • Sampling Rates up to 20 KHz / channel (160 Khz total per DataLOG)
  • Auto Data Backup using Micro SD card
  • State of the art Wireless Bluetooth® Technology
  • Dynamic Link Library (dll) for Real Time Data Transfer to Other Applications
  • Readily Synchronizes with 3rd party Systems
  • Full Colour Graphics LCD
  • The DataLOG Management Software may simultaneously control up to 3 DataLOG units, giving the researcher the flexibility of up to 24 independent programmable channels.



DataLOG is a general purpose, programmable Data Acquisition Unit allowing the user to collect both analogue and digital data from a wide range of sensors. All Biometrics Ltd sensors readily connect to the DataLOG including:

Data recording options include:

  • display and analyze real time within the PC using Bluetooth®
  • store on the PC and auto-back-up to the Micro SD card
  • store data to the Micro SD card for later download
  • transfer data real time using the Dynamic Link Library into 3rd party programs using tools such as MS Visual Basic or Visual C++
  • store as ASCII or as a standard Sound Wave file for passing into other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Cool Edit
  • display real time on the DataLOG Graphics Display in engineering units, or as a bar chart, or as adjustable audible alarms
  • manual start with pre-set automatic stop
  • remote record start/stop by TTL signal sent from other instrumentation to the DataLOG (via included SYNC1 Cable) i.e. DataLOG is a slave
  • start/stop other instrumentation by TTL signal sent from the DataLOG (via included SYNC5 Cable) i.e. DataLOG is the master

The front end amplifier configuration and sensor power supply are programmable enabling the researcher to also connect a wide range of general or custom transducers including:

  • General Load cells
  • Strain gauge devices
  • Single ended voltage inputs
  • Differential voltage inputs
  • Temperature probes
  • Flow meters
  • Microphones

The DataLOG is configured from the host PC using the Bluetooth® wireless link, including simple adjustments per channel for gain, power supply, sampling rate and datum settings. When Biometrics’ sensors are connected these parameters are automatically set using a drop down menu.

After configuring from the PC, many operations are carried out using the DataLOG LCD and menu system. The screens are selected by scrolling left or right using the navigation joystick.