Digital Vertical Jump Meter

Takei Scientific Instruments, Japan

Takei-5414-digital vertical jump meter

JUMP-DF calculates the vertical jump height according to a equation between jump height and flight duration. During the measurement, a subject is required to stand on the rubber mat and push the START button. After few seconds, when the buzzer buzzes, the subject is required to jump up as much as he can. Two trials are made and a better measurement value is displayed as the final result.


Model No: 5414
Measurement Range: 10 to 181 cm
Minimum Measurement Unit: 1 cm
Display: 3 digits LED
Dimensions (Controller): 193 x 98 x 325 mm
Dimensions (Mat) 500 x 600 x 13 mm
Weight: 7.5 kg
Accessories: Tripod