Exercise and Evaluation Systems

Biometrics Ltd, UK

Complete system for upper and lower extremity rehabilitation:

  • Typically used in therapy units and educational facilities for hand therapy through to stroke and neuro rehabilitation
  • Suitable for pediatric units through to elderly care
  • Facilitates exercise from a flicker of muscle activity through to full work-hardening exercise for the upper and lower extremities, neck and back
  • Provides weight-bearing balance evaluation combined with innovative exercise
  • Accommodates grip and pinch assessment and exercise
  • ROM measurements are speedily undertaken for upper and lower extremities
  • Generates progress reports for grip, pinch, joint ROM and weight-bearing balance
  • Creates full comprehensive reports, including impairment calculation
  • Facilitates data export for audit and research purposes
  • Wireless elements promote greater portability and ease of use, particularly for upper extremity rehabilitation

Full system* (EP20) includes:

*Components can be combined in a modular way to create a system to suit your specific needs. Please contact us for more details.

E-LINK Exercise and Evaluation System for Hand Therapy

E-LINK Force Plate Exercise and Evaluation System

E-LINK EMG Biofeedback Therapy System