Eye-Tracking Systems

Ergoneers GmBH, Germany


Ergoneers GmbH was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the faculty of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich. Today the company has a worldwide presence through three offices in Manching (Germany), Geretsried (Germany) and Portland (USA) and through global sales partners; serving the Transportation / Automotive, Market Research & Usability, Science and Sports / Biomechanics application areas.

With the Dikablis Eye-Tracking system, Ergoneers provides the best hardware for professional Eye-Tracking studies in real or virtual environments.



Dikablis Glasses combine binocular eye-tracking with high measuring accuracy and standardized parameter calculation – ideal for the synchronous measurement of gaze data from several subjects in real-time. The highly ergonomic design ensures a perfect fit and minimizes visual obscuration. They are built to suit any head size and also fit over glasses.

Dikablis Professional


  • Binocular, fits over all kinds of glasses
  • Scene camera: 1920 x 1080 Px (Full HD), 30fps
  • Eye cameras tracking frequency: 60 Hz (per eye)
  • Scene camera aperture angle: 40°- 90°
  • Available as cable and wireless version

(Download Dikablis Professional flyer)


Dikablis Essential


  • Monocular, fits over all kinds of glasses
  • Scene camera: 768 x 576 Px
  • Eye camera tracking frequency: 50Hz
  • Changeable scene camera lens: 45°- 120°
  • Available as cable version.

(Download Dikablis Essential flyer)




Ergoneers supports you with D-Lab3, an extensive software platform for behavioral research. D-Lab3 supports integrated data acquisition for the first time, for example via audio, video, physiological data and eye-tracking. D-Lab3 brings all data to one place, allowing structuring to take place during the recording process and enabling easy export of data.

(Download D-Lab flyer)