LiteGait, USA

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Mobility Research is pleased to announce our newest innovations – Gait Analysis Tools for the clinic. Objective gait analysis is no longer limited to the lab.

  • Measure and report progress over ground or treadmill
  • Objective data
  • Real time feedback
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use

GaitSens 1000: Simply strap these two small sensors onto your patient and gait parameters are wirelessly transmitted to the PC/tablet for easy analysis. These small over-ground sensors allow you to assess your patient’s gait under a variety of terains.

GaitSens 2000: Seamlessly integrated into any of our GaitKeeper treadmills, these sensors provide critical measures of gait phase, stride and balance parameters to help you monitor your patient’s progress through therapy sessions.

GaitSens 3000: Our most sophisticated solution, thousands of sensors under the walking belt make our GaitKeeper treadmills sensitive to every step. Measure force distribution and all gait parameters effortlessly.


LiteGait GaitSens Real time displayReal-time display of gait parameters. LiteGait GaitSense select the desired parameterSelect the desired gait parameter to monitor during training.
LiteGait GaitSens immediate feedbackImmediate feedback (visual and auditory) to the patient during training. LiteGait GaitSens Post Session reportPost-session report shows gait parameters, asymmetries, and summary data.