Harnesses for Gait Therapy

LiteGait, USA

LiteGait harnesses

The innovative design of the LiteGait® harnesses permits unilateral or bilateral support for patients with walking disorders, allowing progression of the weight bearing from non- to full-weight bearing.  The harnesses remove a controllable portion of the weight from the legs and redistribute it to the pelvis and trunk, ensuring free movement of the arms and legs and allowing the therapist to manually assist a patient’s legs and pelvis to achieve proper gait patterns.

LiteGait® harnesses provide frontal, sagittal and transverse plane control and help create a biomechanically-appropriate posture that allows proper gait patterns.  All harnesses feature impermeable, breathable, wipable material, ensuring a softer, more comfortable fit for the patient. Comfortable groin pieces and elastic side panels hold the harness in place when making adjustments.

LG-harness-iI-Harness LG-holdtite-harnessHold-Tite Harness LG-harness-long-shortHarness- Long or Short LG-harness-setsHarness Extender Set
LG-crawl-harnessCrawling Harness LG-harness-crawl-adaptersHarness-Crawling Adapters LG-harness-diaperHarness – Diaper LG-harness-adaptersHarness Adapters