Pediatric Treadmill Ergometer

Lode BV, Netherlands


lode valiant 2 pediatric 938904

Modern designed treadmill specifically designed for children. The Valiant 2 Pediatric can be controlled by external ECG and pulmonary devices. The emergency stop magnet contact on the standard front handrail provides additional safety for the user. The Valiant 2 Pediatric offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0.1 – 12 km/h.


Model No. 938904
Maximum speed 12 km/h
Minimum operational speed 0.1 km/h
Positive elevations 25%
Elevation adjustment steps 0.5%
Optional negative elevation -10%
Allowed user weight 225 kg
Walking surface length 127 cm
Walking surface width 50 cm
Step up height 17 cm
Product Dimensions (LWH) 192 x 79 x 130 cm
Product Height 130 cm


Control Unit - 945814Standard or programmable control unit with 7″ touch screen Colour Display 3.5 - 2nd screen-945819Colour display 3.5″ – 2nd screen SpO2 for control unit with touch panelSpO2 for control unit with touch panel (treadmill) Blood Pressure Module-recumbentBlood pressure measurement with ECG trigger
Heart-rate-for-bicycle-ergometers3Heart rate for treadmills Emergency Stop Button-945804Emergency Stop Button negative-elevation-10-for-valiant-2_938805Negative elevation -10% for Valiant 2 Entrance plate-938809Entrance plate
handrails-side-adjustable-for-valiant-2-pediatric-yellow_938802Handrails, Side (adjustable or fixed) for Valiant 2 Pediatric (yellow) Ambient sensor pack-945826Ambient sensor pack Arm SupportUniversal treadmill arm support Bottle holder-401200Bottle holder