GlobalSpeed, Germany

GlobalSpeed – the brand trusted by elite athletes

It’s not just about muscle speed… You need to train the brain and train the nervous system that is where speed comes from. That is what we do! Increase processing speed and neural speed.

We are not just about making muscles more efficient and athletes faster…It is a matter of anticipating situations better, minimizing time losses, increasing the precision of actions. It’s about perfecting the elegance of movements, being efficient. It is not a question of training on individual devices, but of having to look at the whole thing.

No matter where we start, whether after an injury in rehab, at the high level of a professional player or in adolescence, we stand for continuous, measurable, sustainable improvements. For unloading previously untapped forces and abilities. For experiencing the enormous potential in the interaction of the brain, nervous system and muscles. In the GlobalSpeed Lab, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

This is much more than speed. This is GlobalSpeed.

Measuring speed shapes directly

The permanent installation of the SpeedTrack® is almost executed in addition to the SpeedCourt®. This combination forms the core of the GlobalSpeed Lab. The solid double sensor, the massive double laser post, monitor and touch terminal at the start, as well as the monitor at the finish, make the SpeedTrack® a highly functional and attractive running and measuring track.

In combination with our video and training concepts, excellent training results can be achieved.


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SpeedTrack® Premium

Track Width: up to 5m
Light Barriers: 5 (L5)
Material: Double start plate
Sensor Size: 500mm x 1000mm
Surface: Sports Floor, Artificial Turf, Ice
Accessories: 2x TV + Terminal-PC + RFID + Tablet
Software-Package: Premium